Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finding own apartment

Every woman needs her own place and I don't care what people say about living with roommates, this shit sucks.  Seriously having to deal with smoke and a roommate bitching about everything is enough to make a person go to the store for bread and never return.  That's why men use to go to the store for bread, ciagrettes, or anything and never return because some women are pure bitches.  I don't care where I have to move, I am not going to endure this shit any longer.  Fuck that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living the Homeless and Unemployed Life

I became unemployed and homeless in one day.  After I overcame the shock and stop crying after several hours, I got to work packing and arranging for the move.  My bestfriend offered her living room as my new place of residence.  I am getting use to living with another person because I am so independent and not use to having someone help.  At least, I can spend more time in the library and find a job.

I didn't get the job as a hostess so I am still working as a phone actress making 27 a minute and I really don't like doing it; but this company is very flexible and understanding and they are working with me to get back on my feet.  I am understanding more about the sex industry and it's very interesting.  Men have so many perverted fantasies it's disgusting.  The things you have to do to make a living, well at least I'm not turning tricks in the street; just on the phone.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Living Like The Famous Family- The Budget Version

  1. Have a Mother that is business minded and wants the best for her family.
  2. Open your very own clothing store in a nice neighborhood
  3. Help your friends dress well by being their personal clothing stylist
  4. Have college students who are majoring in Film/TV production, follow you around everywhere taping your life; then post it on YouTube or Facebook; create a fanbase., remember you are on a budget.
  5. Do you have a hobby that can make you some money; pursue it, copyright and trademark your name and give it to your Mom to handle your career.
  6. You are becoming famous now so be very selective in your endorsements, only support those products for the greater good
  7. Everyone loves you and  pretty soon major retailers are contacting you for your very own designer line, don’t forget the press conferences and how honored you feel to help everyone dress like you.
  8. Have you or other family members fall in love with successful sports figures, have a world-wind romance then get married; short or long term engagement optional. WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU ARE IN LOVE!!
  9. Jet set across the country of your origin, and open up new clothing stores, also in nice neighborhoods.
  10.  Smile at everyone and thank them for supporting you in all your endeavors.

You’ve arrived in Reality TVLand now, new bloggers are writing about you!

First Post

Hello ALL,

 I always say if you can’t beat them, then join them.

This is my new blog dedicated to chasing down that famous reality star family, you know the very hippy, and I do mean hippy Reality TV Family that everyone is keeping up with?

 I admire the lifestyle of this Uber-Rich family and the realness that they share with the world.  For example, the lavish, over the top, fairy tale wedding to the basketball star; the second wedding; not the I met a man and within a month we are married wedding.  Not hating, their next venture should be to open a dating service for the middle-class and struggling singles, we want to walk  or run down the aisle in some cases!   Not to invade, the territory of the Six Figure Dollar Relationship Guru, there is room at the top for everyone to play in the sandbox!

  This blog is a parody and my view of the lifestyle that you too can live and I’ll show you how on a budget.   Just love the clothes and purses, and of course the mansions, they are living my lifestyle.

 My daily rants, I mean, sharing of facts, come from reliable sources AND  I provide proper citations, to prevent from being SUED.